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How to go about helping the planet by taking a few baby steps.

by Beth Jezier

So many decisions. Walk or take the car? Straw or no straw? Paper or plastic? (Well we finally know the answer to that one after all these years.) When I stop to think about all the decisions we make each day, I realize how many involve the environment, our planet.

For example, I have a seventy-five pound dog. One thing happens every time on our daily walks. (You probably know where this is going.) I need to pick up the poop. No problem. I am a good neighbor and won’t leave a mess. But are those biodegradable bags really biodegradable?

Not so much.

Hi. I am Beth Jezier and I have spent my life focused on being the best earthling I can be. I’d like to share a few facts and a few small changes that can make a huge difference.

When we talk about “plastic” poop bags there is a difference between biodegradable and compostable. Both break down, but biodegradable will become microplastics and may leave harmful residues. Compostable bags are made of plant starches and there will be no environmental damage. Compostable bags are more expensive because making plastic has become so easy and inexpensive. There are plenty of waste bags to choose from. My favorite “Give A Shit”.

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