All Washed Up…by Beth Jezier

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How to go about helping the planet by taking a few baby steps.

Let’s talk about laundry today. Specifically about how we get that detergent into our washing machines.
I grew up with powdered laundry soap in cardboard boxes, then liquid soap came along in plastic bottles. The problem starts before we even get the laundry product. Specifically, making those plastic jugs. Petroleum is needed to make that jug and that is just the beginning.

If not properly recycled (68% is not) or shipped to underdeveloped countries, a jug will either end up in the ocean, in a landfill or incinerated. Each of these has enormous consequences.

Eight million tons of plastic end up in our oceans harming marine life and helping to increase the water temperature. In the landfill, that jug can take up to 500 years to decompose and still leak toxins into the groundwater and soil. Incineration releases toxic pollutants and more CO2 into the air.

Some things we can do to help:
Reuse old laundry jugs by refilling them at a store like Earthwell in Kensington. They have all kinds of products. Simply bring empty containers and pay by weight of the product.

We can also buy concentrated laundry sheets that come in cardboard boxes again. There are lots to choose from. Check my favorites at www.cleanpeople,com or

These small steps can make a huge impact. Thanks for being a good Earthling!


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