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March 2023
The Power in Transitions

Over the last couple of months, several folks recommended the book Transitions by William Bridges. After the third person mentioned it to me, I realized I was being asked by the Universe to read it. As soon as I began reading it, it was clear to me why.

Bridges says there are three stages to transitions: endings; a time of in-between; and new beginnings. He points out that if we don’t address the endings or the in-between times, new beginnings cannot properly happen.

We are in the time of lent. Lent is a time we prepare for the approaching light. The message in this book is so appropriate for this time of year as we move toward Spring. I am excited to explore this book during March.

Join us in becoming aware of all the transitions we have and continue to experience.


Rev. Kevin Bucy, Senior Minister

Numerous Endings

Speaker: Rev. Kevin Bucy
Music: Gino Walker

MAR 12

The Inbetween

Speaker: Rev Kevin Bucy 
Music: Karl Anthony

MAR 19

Preparing for the New

Speaker: Hunter Tallman, RScP
Music: Gino Walker

MAR 26

New Beginnings

Speaker: Rev Kevin Bucy
 Music: Gino Walker

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