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DECember Theme

The Call into Darkness

Maybe darkness isn’t to be feared but simply a call from the Universe to be still. A call to come present and experience what is within. Scientists tell us that before the Big Bang there was complete darkness, total stillness. Then, for a reason maybe only known to those familiar with the Soul, a gathering of energy created light and matter, and eventually — you and me.

In this sacred month, as we enter the dark, let’s come together in the awareness that there is always a birthing happening within us. 

Let’s be with the dark and see where it leads.

Rev. Kevin Bucy, Senior Minister
Dec 4

Fear Not

Speaker: Rev. Rev Kevin
Music: Gino Walker

DEC 11

Who, Me?

Speaker: Rev Kevin Bucy 
Music: Gino Walker

Dec 18

Preparing for Light

Speaker: Gino Walker
Music: TJ Moss

Dec 24

Experiencing the Light through the Unknown

Speaker: Rev Kevin Bucy Music: Gino Walker and Ensemble on Fire!

Dec 25

And So It Is

Speaker: Rev Sarah Adams
 Music: Gino Walker