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Join us weekly every Sunday at 10:30am. There is an opportunity to sit in stillness beforehand in the prayer space 10:00am to 10:15am. Our Sunday celebration gathering is in-person and online, and offers Youth Ministry.

monthly Theme

March 2024
Infinite Possibilities

Sometimes I feel a book calling to me. Such is the case with Mike Dooley’s book, Infinite Possibilities. I am not sure Dooley is saying anything new about our power to manifest however he does convey the material in a way that is both inspiring and easy to apply to one’s life.

This month we will explore how to create what we what in our lives in an easy and practical way. 

I am very excited about creating something new and invite you to come create with us!

Rev. Kevin Bucy

Sunday, march 3

It's All within Me

Speaker:  Amy Steinberg, RScP
 Music:  Amy Steinberg, RScP

sunday, march 10

We Are So Loved

Speaker:  Rev. Kevin Bucy
 Music:  Lauren Grace

sunday, march 17

Stepping into Our Dreams

Speaker: Rev Sarah Adams
 Music:  Gino Walker

sunday, march 24

Surrendering to What Is

Speaker:  Rev. Kevin Bucy
 Music:  Gino Walker

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Sunday Celebration Gathering

Join us for our weekly Sunday gathering at 10:30, which is live streamed on Facebook LIVE and our YouTube channel. Come early at 10am for 15 minutes of stillness in our prayer space. Youth ministry for all ages is available.

Sunday Gathering

Sunday Gathering

Sunday Celebration Gathering at 10:30 Meditation in prayer space beforehand at 10am till 10:15. Youth Ministry Available for all ages.

  • March 03 Sunday
  • 10:30 am 11:45 am
  • 3927 Utah Street San Diego, CA 92104