The Razor’s Edge by Beth Jezier

I used to watch my Dad shave sometimes. He would unscrew the handle on his razor and slip in a double sided blade. Then he would twist it tight. The only part that was eventually disposed of was that thin blade.

Now we have those fancy shaving kits. We get a cheap plastic handle and a package of refills that promise a closer shave. Nice. Once we have the handle we are a slave to getting the refill blades of the same brand. Now they got us. Those refills are quite expensive. It is no wonder we reach for the plastic disposable razors. They are so much cheaper. But what are the real costs?

A disposable plastic razor is designed to be used for 6-10 shaves. Then toss it into the trash. Even the expensive refills, for that nice kit we got earlier, have a plastic base for the many microblades. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 2 billion plastic razors and refill blades get tossed out in the U.S. each year.

Let’s look at some alternatives.

Electric razors are great if that works for you. Now there are companies that are modeling their businesses after the old days. There are the double edge razors (like my Dad used.) The handle is solid and you can recycle the blade.

Companies like Leaf, Bambaw and Bulldog. Spend a bit of money on a good handle and you can purchase the blades. Often these are even cheaper if you get a subscription. Then the metal blades can be recycled. No more plastic disposable razors in the landfill. Win. Win!

Thanks for being a good earthling!


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