Giving Your Children a Spiritual Base

Many of us have stories about going to church as a kid. Some are fond memories of coloring
pictures of Jesus or Santa Claus. Some are nightmares about knuckle-rapping and lectures
about sin. What I remember were some bible stories, snacks and game time. After I was too big
for Sunday School I had sit through the church service with my mom. I remember it was boring,
nothing I could relate to as pre-teen. So for the littles it was fun and games but then what
happens? How do teens get in touch with their own spirituality? Where can they go to learn
gratitude and acceptance?

When I became involved in Religious Science/New Thought churches back in the 80’s, my own
children were little and they loved the children’s church. They were learning the same principles
I was learning in “big church” but at a very young age, in a way they could comprehend. It was
information that they would use the rest of their lives. They learned to meditate and open their
hearts, to visualize what they wanted to create in their world. And, most importantly, they
learned that they create their own reality. God/Spirit was not someone sitting in judgement up in
the sky – it was all around them and in them all the time.

Since those early days of awakening I have observed a lot of kids growing up in Science of
Mind teachings and they’ve become really amazing young adults who get involved in social
justice and giving back at an early age. These young people have good self worth and, in this
highly digital world we all live in, they seem to have deeper roots and more solid footing based
on love and true connectivity.

With all that is going on in our world it’s often a big challenge to be a parent. We don’t know
where to go to help center our children’s lives in the “real” reality rather than the digital one. We
want them to become spiritual beings, not buried in religious dogma that they can’t relate to.
If I were a young parent in today’s world I would look for a Science of Mind church with a youth
ministry for my kids to grow up in. Beyond the spiritual teachings is also a loving community of
nonjudgmental people that will support you and assist your kids in having a lighter journey
through life.


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