Rev. Sherri Ginand

It is my privilege to affirm through prayer the truth that we are precious and perfect spiritual beings, one with the Divine Presence. We are all inherently worthy of love, whatever our sexual orientation, age, abilities, or past experiences. Even in times of pain and sorrow, life is a beautiful mysterious gift from our Source just waiting to be unwrapped. 

In providing spiritual guidance, I support your journey of rediscovering your birthright of joy and wholeness. Each confidential session draws upon Science of Mind teachings and is uniquely tailored to help you find the answers that are already within you.

Drawing upon my upbringing as the daughter of a veterinarian, and as a lifelong parent of various “creatures great and small,” I also provide spiritual support for those caring for pets with special needs or grieving over the loss of a pet. I would be honored to help you plan a ceremony to commemorate your animal family member.

You have the option of having your session at the center or at my home office, a peaceful setting just minutes from Universal Spirit Center.

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Prayer Request

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