Lee Armentrout, RScP

There is a unique thing about every individual. There is something that sets each person on an adventure that is solely theirs to do. Every person has a set of circumstances, a past and a future. As a practitioner, I know and honor every person’s unique path as some magnificent part of the Divine Life. Regardless of current circumstances or what has gone before, there is a certain something that is ever present, wholly Good, and ready to co-create something new and better, more meaningful and fulfilling in every person’s life.

Through deep listening, gentle questions, suggesting proven spiritual tools, and affirmative prayer, one’s patterns that no longer serve fall away as naturally as sunshine disperses fog.

I know that healing is something that is always present. It is ours to discover it, uncover it and embrace it and thereby experience the Joy, Peace, and Love we are created to be. Knowing others and myself on this level of understanding, compassion, and loving-kindness is a call on my life.

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